1.5 Million People Prepare to Storm Area 51

The Storming of Area 51 The United States Air Force has warned Americans that they “stand ready” in order to defend Area 51 due to the large number of people who are planning to carry out a raid on the military Air Force base. It is understood that more than 1.5 million people have signed […]

Are there Alien Structures on Mars?THEORY 

Ufologists have found traces of UFOs on the moon- new satellite photos taken by an orbital probe that has been orbiting the earth’s natural satellite for 7 years,  showed strange objects on the surface of the moon.  Ufologists found strange discoveries on the moon, and believe that the images captured the wreckages of an alien  […]

Did the Queen Kidnap 10 Aboriginal Children?THEORY 

The Royal Family The royal family: you either love them or you hate them. This theory is more about hating them however, if you believe the theory that is. This one’s about the Queen abducting, yes, abducting, 10 aboriginal children. An aboriginal residential school survivor, William Coombes, was set to testify at a session of the International Tribunal into […]

Is ‘Planet Nine’ a Threat to Mankind?THEORY 

Planet Nine is a ‘hypothetical’ (according to wikipedia) planet in the outer region of the solar system. Its gravitational influence could explain a statistical anomaly in the distribution of orbits of a group of distant trans-Neptunium objects (TNOs) found mostly beyond the Kuiper belt in the scattered disc region. Planet Nine is an undiscovered super-Earth-sized planet with […]

Is Alien research happening at Area 51?Theory 

Is Area 51 researching aliens? Let’s investigate… As a skeptic, this one really resonates with me; I’m definitely the type of person to really want to find out whether or not there is life out there- except a few bacteria. As we know, in my Life on Venus post, I looked into whether or not there are […]

Is Michelle Obama a Man?THEORY 

Barack Obama is gay and Michelle is a man… could this be true? Out of all the conspiracy theories, this has got to be one of the ‘whackiest’ ones I’ve heard in a very long time; and yes, when I first heard about this, I found it hilarious. But hey; I like to keep an […]

Is the Government controlling us with Fluoride?

Flouride is in everything we drink… Fluoridation is a process that has been used for a while now. There is a popular theory that governments add Fluoride to the drinking water. They insist that it is safe to ingest and that it is good for our health, however throughout scientific research scientists have discovered that […]

Is the Queen a Reptilian Shapeshifter?THEORY 

Out of ALL of the ridiculous conspiracy theories that people could’ve fabricated… We are being hit with this. The Queen. Elizabeth II, a shape shifter. A lizard, if I am correct? I’m scouring sources across the internet- and to be fair, most of it would either have been deleted or at least banned, for conspiracy […]

Is There a Killer Planet known as “Nibiru”?THEORY 

Conspiracy theorists theorise that there is in fact another planet out there called ‘Nibiru’. This phenomenon was first discovered in 1978, in a book called “The Twelfth Planet”- written by Zecharia Sitchin, who translated ancient Sumerian cuneiform and claimed that the text is proof of a planet further than Neptune called Nibiru that orbits the […]

Is There Life on Venus?THEORY 

This theory is believable- we haven’t fully discovered Venus yet. There could be a whole society going on and we wouldn’t know anything about it; the human race isn’t exactly the smartest in our universe. Even though I have no conclusive evidence of life elsewhere, I’m sure humans aren’t the smartest by far. Although the […]