Did the Queen Kidnap 10 Aboriginal Children?THEORY 

The Royal Family The royal family: you either love them or you hate them. This theory is more about hating them however, if you believe the theory that is. This one’s about the Queen abducting, yes, abducting, 10 aboriginal children. An aboriginal residential school survivor, William Coombes, was set to testify at a session of the International Tribunal into […]

Membership List of The Illuminati – ‘Committee of 300’FACT 

As we’ve discussed previously, a secret society named the Illuminati; really does exist. And now; for the first time ever, we now know who the highest ranking members of this elitist cult; are. A full list of the ruling elite can be seen below – a source of information that all conspiracy theorists will love, […]

Is the Queen a Reptilian Shapeshifter?THEORY 

Out of ALL of the ridiculous conspiracy theories that people could’ve fabricated… We are being hit with this. The Queen. Elizabeth II, a shape shifter. A lizard, if I am correct? I’m scouring sources across the internet- and to be fair, most of it would either have been deleted or at least banned, for conspiracy […]